Accomplishments from December 2017 visit to Uganda


1)  Provided health education workshops to 129 women and their children in both villages. Covered the following topics:  hand hygiene, prevention of oral fecal transmitted diseases, prevention of urinary tract infections.

2)  Distributed important items to each family: hand soap, re-usable sanitary pads (two for each mother), and laminated pamphlets with more detailed instructions to follow at home.
3)  Lectured on the topic of micro-gardening and provided each mother with 3 types of seeds to begin diversifying food groups.
4)  Measured vital signs such as blood pressure.  Women with high blood pressure were offered counseling and connected with care in neighboring health centers.
5)  Provided a blackboard per village—along with dusters, chalk, exercise books, and pencils as requested by women—to start literacy program led by the women themselves.
6)  Visited family of orphans in Nangara whose one of the members passed on from complications of delivering her 10th child. Gave food aid and financial aid to the adoptive mother of the newborn child.

Gian Luca Gamberini