Accomplishments from July 2018 Site Visit: Providing Renewable & Clean Energy to Over 775 Women & Children in Rural Uganda!

The Kigezi Women & Children Health Initiative (KHI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating in the districts of Kabale and Rubanda in rural Uganda with a core mission to empower women and children through these three strategies:

  1. Improving literacy rates and providing access to skill-based trainings

  2. Improving health conditions and access to better healthcare options

  3. Increasing women’s earnings, household income, and purchasing power

KHI launched the Solar Project in the month of July of 2018, its most successful project to date since the inception of the organization in 2016. Over 775+ women, children, and men now have electricity.

KHI's Solar Project is working to provide renewable energy to families in rural Uganda. This summer, we successfully installed 129 solar panels in the homes of women and families from the village of Kakore & Nangara.

The families who live in the villages have little to no access to electricity and, therefore, widely use kerosene as their main source of light. However, kerosene is a volatile and toxic chemical that provides poor lighting and acutely affects the health of women and children. Yet, kerosene continues to be a core source of illumination in countries like Uganda, which have incomplete or unreliable electricity grids. Kigezi Women is working to solve this problem in rural Uganda, beginning with providing a group of mothers who are part of our network with access to clean and safe energy from solar panels. See videos of the Wendi Electricity Technicians in action as they install the panels in homes!

KHI is also excited to welcome 95 new mothers from the village of Kigarama and has made a commitment to support a third women's group. Women from across villages continue to self-organized and seek new opportunities to grow their peer-to-peer networks of support.

We are now serving 224 women who are mothers and farmers and head of households in rural Uganda. The number of children and families who are being impacted by KHI’s work, your work, exceeds beyond 1000 people. The Kigezi Women & Children Health Initiative is making a significant difference in the lives of women from Bwisa-Kakore, Nangara, and Kigarama. Please JOIN US as we develop ways to bring about transformational change to the lives of women and children in rural Uganda.

Thank you for your continued support. We cannot accomplish this work without your kind and generous donations!

Gian Luca Gamberini
Executive Director

KHI's Impact from July/Aug 2018 Visit:

  • 775 women, children, and men now have access to renewable energy in Kakore & Nangara through the installation of 129 new solar panels

  • 95 new families from the village of Kigarama develop a third Kigezi Women's group 

  • 120 Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) packets distributed to mothers with children less than five years old

  • 129 packets of seeds distributed for the expansion of micro-gardens 

  • 22 mothers involved in peer-to-peer educational groups are learning to read and write

  • 224 women participated in health workshops that covered topics such as menopause, burns, and urinary tract infections

  • 93 sanitary pads distributed to women and girls of reproductive age

  • 70 women, pregnant and those 45 years and older, were screened for non-communicable diseases

  • 76 women farmers trained in compost manure production techniques to improve farming methods